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Factory in Zhejiang, China

  • Profile
    Total area of:
    26040 square meters
    (280000 square feet)
    Located in: Tangxi of Wuai Village East
    China (mainland) , 322000
    Built in 1989

  • Staff Details
    Production Staff: 80 to 99
    R&D Staff: 10 to 19

Advanced print equipment in our factory

Advanced shaping equipment in our factory

  • Site Advantages/Description
    The factories are open and spacious, creating a more comfortable environment for our workers. This advantage, combined with hi-tech manufacturing machinery makes our workers proud of their products.

  • Materials/Components
    We use high quality materials from mainland China
  • Machinery/Production Process
    Automatic 8-color and 16-color high speed printing machine controlled by micro-computer, high speed sartorius, etc.
  • Other Information Text
    We are running the latest advanced discharging technique and automatic 8-color and 16-color high-speed printing machine controlled by micro-computer. Production with whole automation.

Our QC department